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This website has the right to dispose of the alleged violation of the above provisions or misconduct. For any third party due to your violation of the terms or the assurance and commitment that you agree to prevent and to ensure that we and our affiliates, partners management, supervisors, owners, agents, employees, information providers, related enterprises, Licensor and Licensee (collectively referred to as "compensation party") does not assume any liability or expense (including but not limited to the legal fees and other expenses); if the party has to compensate by responsibility, other losses by the party has the responsibility of compensation and compensation by the compensation to you will bear all liability. As the users and visitors of this website, you should try our best to prevent this damage for us and our common interests. Of course, in the premise to bear the cost, for you can use anything to bear the liability to us, we take the exclusive protection and control rights; without our written permission in case you no matter what the case may dispose of the things; for we the expense, right confirmed in your violation according to your claim.
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Except the above circumstances, we also keep in your case without notice at any time interrupt or terminate all or part of the network service right, any loss for interruption or termination of the service caused, we do not need to you or any third party any responsibility.
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When the right people find this website registered users in the forum and blog, micro-blog and other social media and any other social media applications content in violation of their legitimate rights and interests, human rights should be issued in advance notice to the right of the site, and provide proof of identity, proof of ownership and detailed infringement cases, please refer to the the site receives the complaint contact this website "contact us" page. Upon receipt of the above documents, the website will take appropriate measures to remove the relevant content or disconnect the link according to the laws and regulations of china.
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